Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vintage Cameras and My first "Snapshots In Time"

Simply said… I love vintage cameras!  Since the days long before I opened my online shops, I established a vintage camera collection of my own.  I had no immediate focus on a particular type of camera that I collected.  But, every camera that I collected, I loved.   From vintage Kodak and Polaroid cameras, to sub-miniature cameras, to toy cameras… I collected them all.  And much like my collection, my collectibles shop has an assortment of collectible cameras.  Looking back into my past, I can say that my love for vintage cameras did not start with that first old heavy, bulky Polaroid camera that I found in a flea market, but started long ago when I was a boy.  To this day, the day that my Grandmom allowed me to take my first photos is embedded in my memory.  My first photos were of my Grandmom and her friend.  Remembering those photos, I will tell you that it was difficult to tell who was in the photos for multiple reasons.  Some of the photos were distant, and looked like a photo of her house rather than of two people standing outside in front of it.  And some of the photos were too close, and you could not tell who it was because their heads were missing.  The point is, that was one time in my life that reinforced my interest in vintage cameras, and which eventually made me open an online shop.  Thank you Grandmom.  I don’t think you knew how much of an impact those “snapshots in time” would have on my life.
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NeverTooOld said...

A truly heartfelt post. You've a great looking blog my friend and I hope that you are afforded the time to continue building this awesome site. I wish you well.